Bruneau-Owyhee Sage-grouse Habitat Project (BOSH)

The BLM and partners in Federal, State and county government, conservation organizations and the University of Idaho propose to collaborate in removing encroaching Western juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) from habitat for the Greater sage-grouse across 1.5 million acres of public land in the BLM Bruneau and Owyhee Field Offices (Boise District) in southwest Idaho.

In southwest Idaho the spread of Western juniper is a primary threat to the health of sagebrush-steppe habitats, which support hundreds of species including Greater sage-grouse.

The BLM is preparing an environmental impact statement (EIS) to analyze the potential environmental effects of treating encroaching juniper.

Publication of a notice of intent in the Federal Register has initiated a 30-day scoping period during which the BLM is seeking comments to identify relevant issues that will be analyzed in the EIS. The scoping comment period closes February 20, 2015.

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