What is Your Ag Legacy?

What is Your Ag Legacy? We often refer to life as the school of hard knocks. These experiences, both good and bad, lead to lessons learned, which in turn shape who you are and often influence future decisions. In agriculture, these are the experiences that shape your operation, and together, become your Ag legacy. What are you doing to preserve and pass it on to the next generation? What more is there than creating a will and taking care of the financial side of the estate? What about the day to day management skills? Those hard earned lessons?

How are you Communicating with the Next Generation? Lack of effective communication among family members is the root cause of most family business failures. Effective communication between parents and their adult children is essential to a mutually satisfying transfer of a legacy from one generation to the next.

How are you Mentoring the Next Generation? Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person guides a less experienced or less knowledgeable person through an activity or event in their life. While the mentor can be older or younger than the mentee, they must have a specific expertise which qualifies them.

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