A Beef Heifer Replacement Program

2014 Cheyenne Davis and Daniel Richards

Cheyenne Davis receiving top award for her OCA sponsored cow/calf pair, 2014. Sponsored by Tana Gilbert.

The Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association is interested in promoting educational and financial opportunities that are relative to the beef industry to Owyhee County youth. In doing so, the youth who participate will gain knowledge and experience in selection, feeding, breeding, exhibiting and marketing livestock. It is the intent of OCA that the youth will build his or her breeding herd in order to receive financial and educational benefits.

The application deadline is June 1. Click to view or print an application packet for the OCA Beef Heifer Replacement Program.

Any Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association member with heifers meeting the criteria (see application, above) may participate. Those who wish to donate a heifer should contact any OCA Board member or the Extension Office by June 1 each year.

Beef Field Day for 4-H & FFA Youth

Typically held the weekend following the Owyhee County 4-H & FFA Beef Weigh-in, this educational program began in 2006. Different topics relating to the beef industry are covered each year. Some include:

  • Beef Quality Assurance
  • Feed Rations and Feed Identification
  • Rangelands and Their Important Role in Beef Production in the Western U.S.
  • Career Opportunities in Beef Related Industries
  • Understanding Brands and Brand Laws
  • Necropsy and Veterinary Supplies
  • A Guide to Practical Feeding of Your Beef Project
  • Cuts and Quality of Beef

The 2017 Beef Field Day for Youth will be held March 11.

The topic for the 2015 Youth Beef Field Day was “Beef Cattle Genetics and Selection.” Youth rotated through four stations:

  1. DNA: What is it and how do we use it?
  2. EPD’s: What are they and how do they help in the selection process?
  3. Phenotypes: What does that even mean?
  4. Halter breaking 101

The Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association is a proud sponsor of this annual educational event for our youth. Several OCA members have have taken time from their busy schedules to share their expertise as presenters at the field days. We look forward to continuing this partnership.

Beef Production Award

Janae Volk, Beef Production Award Winner at the 2016 Owyhee County Fair

This program is offered as an incentive for 4-H & FFA members to select top quality cattle that have growth potential, show good muscling, exhibit trimness, and that are correct in structure. It also encourages proper management in the care and feeding of the selected animal to achieve high levels of production. In this way it provides a “real world” industry view of beef production. It is based on “Standards of Excellence” set and followed within the industry and emphasizes that the consumer must be satisfied with the finished product. The individual with the top Gold Standard market beef in the carcass contest at the Owyhee County Fair receives two shares. All others with Gold Standard market beef each receive one share. Each year, the Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association is a major donor to this important program.

OCA Sponsored Steers

2014 TA Thomas Fisher and Daniel Richards

Taylor Ann Fisher receives the award for Top OCA Sponsored Steer at the 2014 Owyhee County Fair from OCA Vice President, Daniel Richards. The steer was sponsored by Morgan Ranches.

This program has been a part of the Owyhee County 4-H and FFA market livestock projects for many years. Youth with an interest in a beef project but without the resources to purchase a steer initially, connect with an Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association member who will provide a steer. The youth, in turn, feeds and cares for the animal until it is ready to show and sell at the Owyhee County Fair. The youth receives two-thirds of the proceeds and all of their add-on donations. The OCA member receives one-third of the proceeds from the sale of the animal. Some members have even turned the one-third back to the youth as well for the excellent work and care of the project.