Cooperative Weed Management Areas

Jordan Valley CWMA

Leafy Spurge

Leafy Spurge

The Jordan Valley Cooperative Weed Management Area has:

  • brought together individuals responsible for weed management within the CWMA;
  • developed common management objectives;
  • set realistic management priorities;
  • facilitated effective treatment methods; and,
  • coordinated efforts along logical geographic boundaries with similar land types, use patterns, and problem species.

The CWMA has also provided educational opportunities to the general public, teachers and students, and local landowners raising their awareness of the problems associated with noxious and invasive weeds.

Over 5 million acres of state, private, and BLM lands located within Owyhee County, Idaho and Malheur County, Oregon are encompassed in the CWMA. The major noxious weed problems within the CWMA are leafy spurge, hoary cress, perennial pepperweed, Scotch thistle, and diffuse, spotted, Russian knapweed, along with yellow starthistle and rush skeletonweed. In 2014, large scale efforts were made by the CWMA to inventory and treat populations of leafy spurge, hoary cress and Scotch thistle. Over 600 acres of noxious weeds were treated in the Jordan Valley CWMA.

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