Owyhee County Wetlands — for Livestock and Wildlife

Wetland Demonstration Project

In August, 2014, participants in two different two-day workshops constructed six wetlands in Owyhee County. Four were on the ranch of OCA members John & Cathy Romero, and two were built on OCA member Jerry Hoagland’s ranch.

The instructor, Tom Biebighauser, gave a presentation on Wetland Design and Restoration. Mr. Biebighauser has worked for over 20 years developing techniques and wetland restoration across the United States and British Columbia. His design projects help participants to learn how to provide clean water for livestock and improve riparian conditions in desert, spring and stream habitats, as well as arresting a head-cut to keep ground water up. Ranchers and range managers alike learned project knowledge to apply to their own unique circumstances.

Presentations were also given by Art Talsma of The Nature Conservancy and Chris Colson of Ducks Unlimited on the benefits of wetlands for different species. In addition, USFWS and NRCS shared information on funding opportunities for projects.

The remainder of the workshop was spent watching the wetlands being constructed and field visits to see an active beaver pond and an area with a head-cut. Eighteen private landowners attended as well as representatives from the BLM, NRCS, JVCWMA, USFWS, IDL, IDFG, Duck Valley Sho-Pai Tribe, Office of Species Conservation, Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimites, and The Nature Conservancy. If you would like more information, contact Kristin Lohr, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, kristin_lohr@fws.gov or 208-378-5099.

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