Rangeland Fire Protection Association

2007 After the fire 3

2007 – fire damage to rangeland about 25 miles east of Jordan Valley

The Owyhee Rangeland Fire Protection Association (RFPA) was organized by ranchers in western Owyhee County in 2012. Extremely large rangeland wildfires in adjacent Malheur County, Oregon was the catalyst for the group of ranchers to better protect the rangeland resource they rely on. In the first two years, 67 RFPA volunteers were trained by the Idaho Bureau of Land Management to serve as the initial attack on wildland fires. In addition, they provide needed information on the area such as structures, access, water sources and areas that have been grazed where the fire can be slowed or stopped. The success of RFPA’s in Idaho are due to the cooperative efforts among private landowner manpower and personal equipment, training from the BLM and PPE, water tenders and other equipment from the State of Idaho.

We were fortunate to have a low fire frequency year in 2014, with only five fire responses. Due to the fact that members are located throughout our large county, multiple requests were received by RFPA members for information on lightning strikes and smoke reports.

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