Owyhee County has several ranches that have been owned and operated within the same family for over 100 years. In 1990, during the Idaho Centennial Celebration, the Idaho State Historical Society and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture began honoring some of these with their Idaho Century Farm or Ranch “Heritage Family” (*) designation. Other ranches are listed here as well, though they may not have completed the application process for the official designation. We are proud to showcase the family tradition of ranching in our county. As in the past, today you can still see two and three generations working together.

1865 – Joyce Livestock Company* – Sinker Creek
1874 – Asa & Marilyn Black and Albert & Bonnie Black Farm* – Bruneau
1884 – Sunset Ranches* – Bruneau
1887 – William & Margret Tindall Ranch* – Grasmere
1894 – Collett Ranch* – Oreana
1901 – Blackstock Ranch
1914 – Kershner Ranch – Flint Creek


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