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- Since 1878 -

Owyhee Cattlemen's 


Promoting and Protecting the Cattle Industry in Owyhee County



The Owyhee Cattlemen's Association aims to


and improve natural resources while safeguarding and promoting the interests of cattle producers in and around Southwest Idaho. 



The Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association is the oldest cattlemen’s group in Idaho. Originally established in 1878, as the Owyhee Cattle and Horse Grower's Association, the Owyhee Cattlemen's Association's roots go back to the 1860s. 


Many early Owyhee County residents established small herds of beef cattle and dairy cows to meet their personal needs. A handful of entrepreneurial ranchers saw potential for profit in the beef industry, so they headed to Texas to expand their herds. 

Nineteen riders braved the almost year long trip across the plains to Texas by way of the Osage, Wichita, and Smoky Hill roads. The 1400 head of cattle they brought back with them, in the fall of 1869, established the foundation of Owyhee County's cattle industry. 

By 1870, another drive was brought up from Texas and cattle ranching had become a way of life in Owyhee County and the surrounding areas. 

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